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Bruce Allen


Bruce Allen Hartrich has been teaching tennis ever since playing tennis at Division I Monmouth University in West Long Brank, NJ

Bruce is the author of: Using the Law of Attraction in Tennis, How to Use the Power Within You to Take Your Game and Your Life to the Next Level.  

A must-read for tennis players looking to get their game over the hump to the next level.

His first summer job was working at the Offense-Defense Tennis Camp in Massachusetts.  The following summer he was the head Tennis pro at The Beloit Country Club in Beloit, WI.  He spent time working at The Van Der Meer Tennis school on Hilton Head Island where he worked alongside Dennis Van Der Meer and quite often hit with Dennis at the end of the day.   Bruce then worked as the Head Pro at the Portsmouth Racquet Club in Portsmouth, Oh and has been teaching tennis on the southside of Indianapolis for the last 12 years where he has run his own programs.