David Hoard


Bruce Allen Hartrich has the best clinics for Adults on the Southside of Indy. While you run various drills, he provides instruction while also teaching strategic elements of the game that you rarely receive in other clinics. If you enjoy playing doubles, you will definitely learn to be a better doubles player, get a good workout, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Michael Hiatt

Fairland, IN

If you want a great workout while having fun and learning to play tennis take a cardio class with Bruce Allen Hartrich Indy Tennis Pro. Guaranteed fun and a great workout

Mason Corbin


I have been taking classes and private lessons with Bruce Allen Hartrich for many years now. They are fun, you get a great workout and you learn a lot!

Erik Wyatt


”Having played tennis recreationally in several states for many years, I can attest that Bruce runs the most rewarding and fun clinics/lessons that I’ve enjoyed. Furthermore it’s a tremendous value, as Bruce keeps his instructional costs quite low compared to other clubs/coaches. Personally my favorite kinda lessons have always been the drill ‘n play format, and Bruce will often allow us to break off into smaller groups for matchplay. He is also terrific at breaking down biomechanics and technical aspects such as proper grip and oncourt strategy.

Cindy Heinbaugh


I won a tennis lesson with Bruce Hartrich at a charity auction. While I have played tennis regularly the last several years, I had not taken any clinics or classes outside of local tennis clubs. Since the initial lesson, I have joined his tennis clinics and taken additional private lessons. In a short amount of time, he has improved the mechanics of my game. Specifically, how I play the net and the timing of my groundstrokes. I have been playing tennis since I was 9 years old and no one has ever talked to me about how to avoid injuries with technique (like tennis elbow) and the effectiveness of how to time my approach and follow through. My game has improved tremendously since working with Bruce. Not only am I enjoying my improved play, his clinics are both fun and challenging. I highly recommend working with Bruce. He is effective and invested in you as a player.

Michael Hickson

Trafalgar, IN

I can’t thank Bruce Hartrich at Indy Tennis Pro enough for the incredible impact he’s had on my son’s tennis journey over the past two years. As a parent, I’ve watched my child grow not only as a tennis player but also as a confident and disciplined individual.

Bruce possesses an exceptional ability to connect with players of all ages. The progress my son has made is truly remarkable, from mastering essential techniques to developing a deep love for the sport.

Bruce goes above and beyond to ensure that each lesson is tailored to my son’s needs and abilities. He instills not only the technical skills but also the values of sportsmanship and perseverance. I’ve seen my son’s self-esteem and determination soar under his guidance.

I highly recommend Bruce Hartrich to any parent seeking a dedicated and skilled tennis coach. His commitment to nurturing young talent is evident, and I’m confident that my son’s future in tennis is brighter because of him.

Thank you, Bruce, for being such an inspirational coach and mentor to my child. We look forward to many more successful years of tennis ahead!

Taylor Ogden

Franklin, IN

I can’t say enough about my incredible experience with Coach Bruce! As a passionate tennis player seeking to improve my game, I have had the privilege of training with Bruce for a few years, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.
From the very beginning, the professionalism and dedication of Coach Bruce stood out. He has a tailored a training program that has perfectly suited my skill level and goals, while being fun. He possess a deep understanding of the sport, and his ability to communicate complex techniques in a clear and concise manner is truly commendable.
What sets Coach Bruce apart is his commitment to personalized coaching. He pays close attention to every aspect of my game, from my footwork to my swing, and provides constructive feedback that has helped me make significant improvements. His patience and encouragement has been instrumental in boosting my confidence on the court.
The flexibility and availability to play close to home provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for players of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your skills and enjoy the sport to the fullest.
But it’s not just about the technical aspects of tennis with Coach Bruce; he also fosters a positive and supportive community. The camaraderie among fellow players and himself creates an atmosphere that makes every session enjoyable and motivating. I’ve not only improved my game, but also have made lasting friendships along the way.
I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Bruce to anyone looking to elevate their tennis skills. Whether you’re aiming to compete at a higher level or simply want to have fun on the court, you’ll find the expertise, encouragement, and resources you need right here. My tennis journey continues to transform daily, and I’m excited to continue my progress with this outstanding Coach.
Thank you, Coach Bruce, for making me a better tennis player and for providing an unforgettable tennis experience!

Melinda Price


Bruce’s clinics are a blast! I first started with him in 2012. 11 years later and I’m still learning techniques to improve my game, in addition to getting a great workout. He is amazing at being able to challenge each person’s skill level and still keep it competitive for everyone in the class. I highly recommend him as the go-to tennis pro in town.

Peter Pizarro

Carmel, IN

Indianapolis is home to a plethora of tennis instructors, but there’s one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Bruce Hartridge. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing his tennis clinics, and it’s abundantly clear why many others pale in comparison. Bruce’s coaching prowess not only improved my own tennis skills but also transformed my 16-year-old daughter into a powerhouse ready for high school varsity tennis.
From the moment we joined Bruce’s clinic, we were welcomed into a world of tennis instruction like no other. Gone were the days of mindless ball feeding; Bruce’s clinics are a masterclass in tennis education. His profound understanding of the sport and his ability to communicate complex techniques in a way that’s easily digestible are nothing short of remarkable. If you’re serious about improving your tennis skills or preparing for high school varsity tennis in Indianapolis, Bruce is the undisputed choice. His clinics are an oasis of tennis knowledge, offering invaluable instruction that goes far beyond hitting balls back and forth. Bruce’s dedication and passion are palpable, and his ability to elevate your game is undeniable. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bruce for his exceptional coaching, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to excel in the sport of tennis. He’s more than a coach; he’s a game-changer!

Bernie Lacy, V.P. Litho Press


“I take private lessons and small group clinics with Bruce Hartrich because Bruce fixes parts of my game that other pro’s have not been able to. Bruce is the go to pro in Indianapolis to get your game to the next level”

Bart Fox

Greenwood, IN

As an adult getting back into tennis Bruce’s clinic’s have been incredibly helpful. Also, Bruce does a great job with young players. In the last 2 years, I’ve have seen several young players develop into great players with smooth groundstrokes and powerful serves. Tennis lessons with Bruce are much better than the lessons I experienced as a child.

Kristen Bowes


Bruce is a knowledgable, patient, funny and insightful instructor. I look forward to his clinics. He gives you individual tips while in a group setting. There is always something to learn from him, no matter your level. He is a positive teacher and always open to questions.
I highly recommend him as a tennis pro instructor.