What Indianapolis Customer Say About Bruce Hartrich

My son has been taking lessons for 1 year with Bruce. He has improved so much this past year! I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn or improve their skills!
Mary Shobe

Bruce has coached our granddaughter since she was 6 years old. She is now 15. His ability to break down techniques and strategies evolved as Lily grew in her ability and as she has aged. Bruce also runs clinics and classes like no other coach that we have been with. He is able to keep multiple people as well as courts moving efficiently and effectively while also ensuring that everyone is having fun while learning and improving their skills. Lily has greatly benefited from Bruce’s attention to detail with changing grips and making sure that her stroke(s) are in proper form. We give Bruce a great deal of credit for Lily’s success thus far in tournament wins, her freshmen year high school season success (ie, Sectional win, MVP, and all county).
Deb Bruce, Indianapolis

Whether you are a recreational player or competitive athlete, Bruce Hartrich is hands-down, one of the best coaches out there. I am a club player just hoping to hone my skills and have that competitive edge, and in just a few lessons, Bruce has been able to identify simple changes to movement patterns to build on my foundation to to
help me have more solid strokes. He has not only the gift of knowing how to play tennis, but more importantly, how to teach people to play tennis to the best of their ability. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their tennis game. He is also a master of strategy and gives very salient tips to creating a winning game for all levels.
Kevin Logan, Indianapolis

I have been playing tennis with Bruce for a long time. His tennis knowledge, insight and skills are definitely top notch but more importantly, I still have fun when I play tennis after all this time. I have absolutely improved my game since playing in Bruce’s classes, highly recommended to everyone of any skill level.
Virginia Iozzo Indianapolis

I highly recommend Bruce Hartrich! Bruce is an excellent instructor. He’s been coaching my son for about 2 years, and I have seen the progress. He is very methodical in his approach and is constantly working on fundamentals. He pushes and challenges my son but at the right amount. Bruce also manages to keep each session fun and never repetitive or boring, including inviting my son to train with his adult classes as well as in smaller groups of usually 1 to 3 kids about my son’s age. He is always on time and responsive to any request.
Joseph Heyward II, Indianapolis